Rye Park Nursery School

Rye Park Nursery School

'Nurturing Every Child To Fulfil Their Potential'

Welcome to Rye Park Nursery School. Admissions are now open. Please contact the school office if you would like to arrange a tour.

Walton Road, Hoddesdon
Hertfordshire EN11 0LN


01992 462820

Our Curriculum Ambitions

Our Curriculum Ambitions

These ambitions are designed as part of our continued curriculum development for our setting by our highly experienced and knowledgeable staff team and to reflect our provision, cohort and community.


Curriculum Ambition Core Skills

Build friendships and enjoy sharing and making up games.

Linked to PSE sequence for learning

  • To play collaboratively with others
  • To make up a game with a friend and keep it going
  • To understand and talk about feelings and emotions
  • To have and add ideas and consider those suggested of others


Make up a story and tell a friend

Linked to Communication and Language ambitions and core texts

  • Enjoy a range of books, stories, poems and rhymes
  • Talk about and recall familiar stories/texts
  • Tell their story to a friend
Learn to care for a living thing
  • Plant and care for a bulb or seed
  • Talk about growth/change and lifestyles
  • Understand what a creature needs to live
Combine and create with a wide range of materials
  • Independently select materials /resources for their purpose.
  • To use a range of joining techniques
  • To use glue or other methods of joining appropriately
Build a structure/modal using blocks or loose parts
  • To be able to select and use a wide range of materials and resources
  • To seek help from others and give instruction
  • To talk about what they are doing, explain and reason
To bake a cake or biscuit independently
  • To understand hygiene and self-care
  • To be able to handle ingredients and manipulate tools independently
  • To follow a recipe or instruction
To challenge themselves on large physical equipment, whilst managing risk
  • To hold own body weight
  • To have strong core balance
  • To have good spacial awareness
  • To understand about safety for themselves and others
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