Rye Park Nursery School

Rye Park Nursery School

'Nurturing Every Child To Fulfil Their Potential'

Welcome to Rye Park Nursery School.

Walton Road, Hoddesdon
Hertfordshire EN11 0LN


01992 462820

Vision and Values

Our Vision

'Nurturing Every Child To Fulfil Their Potential'


Our Values

'Playing Together, Learning Together, Achieving Together' 

We Aim:

  • To provide a safe, secure and happy environment where the children have the time and support to reach their full potential
  • To protect children from harm or neglect and help keep them safe
  • To support the development of the children's self-confidence and self-esteem. Where all children are seen as individuals with equal opportunities
  • To provide a wide range of active learning opportunities through which the children are stimulated, intrigued and curious to explore 
  • To strengthen the children's independent learning through perseverance and self-motivation
  • To actively support the children's learning and development in the moment through interactions and their interests 
  • To promote and extend the children's communication skills; through language, vocabulary, contexts, reasoning and listening 
  • To develop the children's gross motor and fine manipulative physical skills through a wide range of opportunities, strengthening and gaining control   
  • To develop the children's moral and cultural awareness and an appreciation of others and their wider community  
  • To encourage the children's creativity, aesthetic awareness and imitative play
  • To liaise with all necessary support services to ensure the safety and sound development of each child 
  • To work in partnership with parents, offering support where appropriate 
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